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RTS AUTOMOTIVE are now official distributors for Kavo Parts in the United Kingdom. For more information get in touch with us on 0207 993 0089 or email us at

Below is an overview of what Kavo Parts do;

In 1985 our founder André van Leeuwen saw a chance: importing filters for Asian cars from Japan.

What began small in a garage, with a typewriter and a telephone has now become an international player in the aftermarket with a complete range for Japanese and Korean cars.

KAVO B.V. is our company name. We sell our concept and our products under the brand name Kavo Parts.

KAVO has been a family business for more than 30 years. In all those years we have always remained loyal to our core values and core business:

A specialist in aftermarket parts for Japanese and Korean cars with an in-depth focus on the market and the customer.

We are a global supplier of high quality replacement and wear parts for Asian cars. With a strong customer-oriented attitude by a dedicated and passionate team and with specialist knowledge, we ensure a large assortment with high availability. KAVO develops a partnership by developing its customers into the ‘Asian’ specialists for end users

As a concept supplier, KAVO strives to provide all Asian cars with replacement and wear parts while maintaining current standards and values in a changing market environment

From 1985 till now…..


– Autoservice Ka-Vo BV” is established in the Netherlands
– AMC filters imported from Asia, sold in the Netherlands


AMC® brand registration


First export within Europe


Auto Distribution International – Preferred Supplier


ISO certification


First exports outside Europe


TecDoc “certified data supplier”


Name changed to KAVO B.V.


– Introduction of Kavo Parts concept
– Certification in Russia (NAMI-FOND)
– Certification in Ukraine (DERZHAUTOTRANSNDIPROJECT)


“Best order processing award” 2008 – AD Russia


“Supplier of the year award” 2009 – AD Russia


“Supplier of the year award” 2010 – AD Russia


Introduction E-Catalogue


– Exports to more than 50 countries
– Move to a new modern office and warehouse


– EAC certification
– New corporate identity and packaging


Introduction Customer Portal (online personal client area)

Below is a short video about Kavo parts


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