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Nissan 350z Front Non – Grooved Brake Discs


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Nissan 350z Front Non – Grooved Brake Discs



RTS Performance Grooved & / or Drilled Performance Front Brake Discs are ideal for performance road cars where the standard discs are suffering from heavy use, high temperatures and unstable braking performance.

RTS G300 Grooved or Drilled Discs undergo extensive testing and rigorous quality control and are made from premium quality castings before being machined to exacting standards. The wide aperture slots in the disc have been designed to pull cool air under the pad surface and help disc cooling. They also clear any dust, dirt and gases quickly from the braking area. The blind drilled dimples help break down surface gases, but do not promote cracking which has been shown to occur with some through-drilled discs. The result is a disc that not only improves performance but also maintains a flat and parallel pad surface throughout the lifetime of the brake pads.

RTS Performance Grooved & / or Drilled Performance discs have an anodised finish for corrosion protection


Main Features:



Wide Aperture Scraper Slots
Blind Drilled Dimples
Precision Machined and Balanced
Gold Zinc Anodised Finish with G300 material



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